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A New Will to Confront Homogeneity in American Orchestras

In the timely cover story, League President and CEO Jesse Rosen examines the ways that orchestras and the League are seeking to advance diversity and inclusion.


Two-Way Conversation

More and more orchestras are using music to improve the lives of the incarcerated, young mothers, the homeless, new immigrants, and people with developmental disabilities. The interactions bring new meaning to musicians’ own lives as well.


 Capital Shift

The creativity and rich variety of American orchestras were showcased in the inaugural SHIFT Festival at the Kennedy Center. In addition to concerts, which featured innovative repertoire, the festival highlighted each orchestra’s community connections.


2017 Conference Preview

This year’s National Conference, Detroit Rising / Transformation in American Orchestras, tackles today’s most urgent topics, while delivering insights, strategies, perspectives, and tactics. Here’s a look at just some of what’s on the slate.


Summer Festivals 2017

Your indispensable guide to music festivals around the country.




Rites of Summer

Summer music festivals are part of the glories of the season for any music lover. But what’s it like to perform at a summer music festival—for a musician? Musicians from festivals around the country share their unique perspectives.


Streaming Symphonies

Orchestras are experimenting with webcasts and live concert streaming, all in an effort to broaden their audiences in fresh ways. But are virtual concerts affecting the live musical experience?

Building the Future

A new wave of concert halls aims to revitalize urban life while meeting the changing needs of orchestras.



Paying It Forward

Award-winning composer Andrew Norman: “We have a responsibility to pass on an art form that is broader, more inclusive, and more socially engaged than the one we inherited.”


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