December 2013

December 2013
There's No Place Like Home

When The Philadelphia Orchestra's New York City performance was abruptly cancelled, the orchestra quickly rebounded with a free "pop-up concert" at their own venue. View the home-town action here.
Tweet This: New Trends in Classical Music

Other than a broad category encompassing popular music, classical music is the musical genre most watched or listened to on TV, radio, or the Internet, according to the NEA's 2012 Survey of Public Participation in the Arts. One in three adults (a whopping 80.4 million) use handheld or mobile devices to download, watch, or listen to music performances. Read more about trends in arts participation.
Tuning in to Tax Reform

Orchestras are weighing in as Congress continues to debate – well, nearly everything. Negotiations over budget priorities and comprehensive tax reform leave federal policy areas like NEA funding and incentives for charitable giving hanging in the balance. Find out how to join orchestras raising their voice in support the public value of the nonprofit arts.
Ingredients for Successful Labor Negotiations

League President and CEO Jesse Rosen recently spoke with George Cohen, director of the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, about achieving successful labor negotiations. Read more in the Fall 2013 issue of Symphony, available online.
Alive and Kicking – Music Alive Composer Residencies

Nearly $1 million has been awarded to composers Sleeping Giant Collective, Stella Sung, Gabriela Lena Frank, Narong Prangcharoen (pictured), and Trimpin as participants in Music Alive composer residencies with partner orchestras in Albany, Dayton, Detroit, Santa Ana, and Seattle beginning this season. Read more.
Did you know... Orchestras provide nearly 36,000 performances annually, with almost 1 in 3 events offered free of charge. Read more Quick Orchestra Facts.

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