Recommended Reading

Strategic Restructuring Resources from LaPiana Consulting

LaPiana Consulting is a national firm dedicated to strengthening nonprofits and foundations and has expertise in the area of strategic restructuring. Visit their website for free PDF versions of articles and resources to learn more about how strategic restructuring can help your organization.

Three Case Studies from LaPiana:

  1. Chattanooga Museums Administrative Consolidation
  2. Crittenton Women’s Union Merger
  3. Joint Programming and Administrative Consolidation

LaPiana Consulting also recommends the following resources:

Visit Fieldstone Alliance for a copy of the Strategic Restructuring workbooks:

The Nonprofit Mergers Workbook Part I – The Leaders Guide to Considering, Negotiating and Executing a Merger and The Nonprofit Mergers Workbook Part II – Unifying the Organization after a Merger.

The Nonprofit Collaboration Database is a project of The Collaboration Prize and provides real-life examples of how nonprofits are working together. LaPiana Consulting managed the design and selection of The Collaboration Prize in 2009 for the Lodestar Foundation.

Angelica, Emil, and Linda Hoskins, Forming Alliances: Working Together to Achieve Mutual Goals. Fieldstone Alliance, 2005.

McCormick, Dan H. Nonprofit Mergers: The Power Of Successful Partnerships (Aspen's Nonprofit Management Series). Aspen Publishers, Inc., 2001.

McLaughlin, Thomas A. Nonprofit Mergers and Alliances. John Wiley & Sons, 1998.

McLaughlin, Thomas A. 7 Steps to a Successful Nonprofit Merger. Washington, D.C.: National Center for Nonprofit Boards, 1996.

Ray, Karen, Michael Winer, Collaboration Handbook: Creating, Sustaining, and Enjoying the Journey. Fieldstone Alliance, 1994.

Yankey, John A., Barbara Wester Jacobus and Kelly McNally Koney. Merging nonprofit organizations: The art & science of the deal (Strategic Alliance Project) . Cleveland, Ohio: Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations, 2001.

Yankey, John A., Amy McClellan and Barbara Wester Jacobus. Nonprofit strategic alliances case studies: Lessons from the trenches (Strategic Alliance Project). Cleveland, Ohio: Mandel Center for Nonprofit Organizations, 2001.

Yankey, John A., Barbara Wester and David Campbell. "Managing Mergers and Consolidations," Chapter 23 from Skills for Effective Management of Nonprofit Organizations. National Association of Social Workers, Inc, 1998.

Other Resources

"Allied Forces," by Ian VanderMeulen. Published in Symphony magazine, Summer 2013.

Building Successful Collaborations: A Legal Guide for Nonprofitsby the Lawyer’s Alliance of New York: provides tools to make the collaboration process easy, effective, and legally strong.

Strategic Restructuring: Alliances, Partnerships, and Mergers“by the Center for Civic Partnerships: online tools, how-to guides, and practical resources.

Nonprofit Collaboration Resources“by The Foundation Center: a searchable database of 670 collaboration profiles that detail participants, missions, motivations, successes, and lessons learned.

Collaboration, Strategic Alliances, and Merger Resources“by the Third Sector New England: articles, web links, project profiles, and videos on nonprofit collaboration.

Grant Space” by the Foundation Center: a knowledge base for information about strategic alliances.

Board Talking Points: Mergers and Strategic Alliances by the Lawyers Alliance of New York: provides a framework for discussion, defines terms, and describes the mechanics of a merger.

Mergers and Strategic Alliances for New York Not-for-Profit Corporationsby the Lawyer’s Alliance of New York: addresses the legal issues surrounding mergers and other strategic alliances for New York’s not-for-profit corporations.

Mergers Keep Doors Open, Refocuses Management” by Mark Hrywna: describes current activities and trends in mergers and alliances.


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