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Introduction to Mergers and Creative Alliances

Orchestras and other non-profits are looking at what organizational mergers and creative alliances bring to the table. Some are looking for perceived opportunities for back-office savings, others at expanding the creative landscape. This session will offer a “101” overview of the world of mergers and creative alliances and help you decide if these are the right strategies to explore – or not – for your organization. You can also view the PowerPoint presentation from this session.

Robert Harrington, partner, La Piana Consulting
Paul A. Helfrich, president and CEO, Dayton Performing Arts Alliance
Patricia Richards, board chair, Utah Symphony/Utah Opera
Marc Scorca, president & CEO, OPERA America

Dayton Performing Arts Alliance

This video news release was used to announce the formation of the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance through the 2012 merger of the Dayton Ballet, Dayton Opera, and Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra. 

The Columbus Symphony:  A Portrait in Stabilization

Just two years ago, the Columbus Symphony Orchestra faced a $1.5 million deficit, with no operating reserves, no line of credit, and a negative cash flow and balance sheet. Through a partnership with the Columbus Association for the Performing Arts (CAPA), the CSO now saves nearly $750,000 annually in administrative costs. In 2010 the orchestra showed its first positive balance sheet since 2006 and for the past two seasons has finished in the black. Learn how the CSO turned things around by making some major decisions around its design.

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