Achieving Impact: Funders' New Expectations
Raising New Money
Today's Philanthropy
Your "Underwater" Endowment

Achieving Impact: Funders' New Expectations

Today’s funding landscape requires us to artfully and effectively communicate our impact in new and meaningful ways. To attract the funders of tomorrow, we will need to speak to the issues that are important to a new generation, and demonstrate how we address community needs.

You will learn: 1) an overview of the current climate in fundraising and “hot” funding topics; 2) information directly from new funders about what does, or would, draw them to our industry; 3) what orchestras can do to remain essential to their communities and relevant to funders.

Liz S. Alsina, program associate, performing arts, The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation; Janet Brown, president and CEO, Grantmakers in the Arts; Lauren Nesholm, representative, Nesholm Family Foundation, and board member, Seattle Symphony; Heather Noonan, vice president for advocacy, League of American Orchestras

Raising New Money

We all work hard to demonstrate our larger public value and build the confidence of those that invest in us over time, and funding our work with new dollars is urgent. Opportunities like community and state-based grants and social media fundraising platforms are just a few of the ways this session will help you increase your bottom line.

Dianne Debicella, senior program director, fiscal sponsorship, Fractured Atlas
Emma E. Dunch, president, Dunch Arts, LLC
Cathy Maciariello, principal, HieroResources LLC
Stephanie Pereira, director, art program, Kickstarter
Randall Rosenbaum, executive director, Rhode Island State Council on the Arts

Today's Philanthropy

Charitable giving makes up the largest percentage of the total income that supports orchestras - more than any other single revenue source. Fundamental shifts in the economy and civic participation are changing the way grant makers exercise their charitable/philanthropic impulse. How must orchestras adapt their fundraising strategies to fit into funders' tolerance for risk-taking, increased expectations for civic impact, and other new criteria?

Chris Abele, president and CEO, Argosy Foundation; chairman, board of directors, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra; Wayne Brown, director, music and opera, National Endowment for the Arts; Paul Hogle, executive vice president, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

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Your "Underwater" Endowment: What to Do?

Orchestras are faced with new challenges in the management of endowments in this era of declining endowment values, “underwater endowments”, and new regulations. This session will focus on the information and tools you need to have.

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