SMART: Strategy and Money Alignment Readiness Tool

You have the vision.  You have the plan. Can you afford it?

The answer is right there on your balance sheet – and SMART (Strategy and Money Alignment Readiness Tool) will help you see it clearly.

The League’s new self-guided version of SMART can help you and your orchestra easily understand your current financial health and align your mission with the money you have. The end result - supported by easily generated charts and reports - can help drive those candid, sometimes difficult conversations with the people who matter most to your orchestra.

Ready to get SMART? SMART and the accompanying handbook are available free to League members - just register here.

We recommend that before you get started, you watch the free 30-minute webinar, Making SMART Choices. Allison Crump of TDC gives an easy to follow demonstration of SMART that takes all the guesswork out of getting started.


The Strategy and Money Alignment Readiness Tool and webinar are made possible by a generous grant from Fidelity Foundation.