In order to use technology to capture and distribute your orchestra’s performances (full length or excerpts) in all formats of electronic media, you will need to obtain permission from all of the artistic, technical and production personnel you employ, who are involved in the performance.  The list of personnel from whom you must seek permission may include conductors, musicians, soloists, chorus, and stagehands.  If you do not own the hall in which you perform, you will also need to obtain permission of the theater owner.

The process for obtaining permission from the performance personnel will depend upon whether the individual is employed under the terms of a collective bargaining agreement with a union, or an individually negotiated agreement

You will also need permission from the copyright holder (composer and/or publisher) of any work that is not in public domain (generally works, whose authors – composers/librettists – died at least 70 years ago).  Pay particular attention to “critical editions” of works that otherwise may be in public domain.