Collaborating with Asian Communities

Session Date Start Time End Time Attachments
Thursday, June 5, 2014 11:15 am 12:30 pm

Seattle’s strong Asian presence is borne out by its geography. It is as close to Tokyo as it is to London. Immigrants from across the Pacific Ocean have been a part of this city from the very beginning, and today they, and their descendants, comprise 15% of the region’s population. This session will explore approaches to working with selected groups within Asian culture.

Attendees will walk away with: 1) proven approaches to short and long-term partnerships; 2) cross-cultural collaboration techniques specific to Pacific Rim countries; 3) a new perspective about partnership needs through education, marketing, and artistic lenses.

Please also refer to this online toolkit, Engaging Diverse Cultural Groups.

Byron Au Yong, composer; Kelly Dylla, vice president of education and community engagement, Seattle Symphony; Pankaj Nath, vice president/relationship manager, JP Morgan Chase; Mayumi Tsutakawa, manager of grants to organizations, Washington State Arts Commission