Closing Session (VIDEO)

Session Date Start Time End Time Attachments
Friday, June 6, 2014 2:00 pm 3:45 pm

Address from Jesse Rosen: It’s About Time

Read the transcript for the address from Jesse Rosen, president and CEO.

If It Ain’t Broke, Break It:  What 10 Years of Research and Experimentation Tells Us About Audiences, Creativity, and the Future of Orchestras (Transcript) (Presentation)

Arts researcher Alan Brown takes stock of the most significant trends re-shaping demand for the arts, and the groundswell of creativity and experimentation leading the orchestra field into the future.  Drawing on a body of research on orchestra audiences and arts participation, the closing keynote will trace some of the field’s most impressive gains over the past decade, and identify the key challenges to engaging the next generation of audiences and embedding orchestras in the creative life of their communities.

Alan S. Brown, principal, WolfBrown

The Potlatch Experience

Paul “Che-oke-ten” Wagner, Native flute player, along with Seattle Symphony musicians, will perform an excerpt from the Potlatch Symphony, co-created by Native Lands composer-in-Residence Janice Giteck alongside Native artists and community members. Attendees will learn about the experience from Native participants and Symphony musicians.

Paul Wagner, native flute
Paul Taub, flute, and professor, Cornish College of the Arts
Laura Deluca, bass clarinet, Seattle Symphony
Stephen Bryant, violin, Seattle Symphony
Ludovic Morlot, music director, Seattle Symphony