FY00 Access Grants

Chicago Symphony Orchestra (on behalf of Civic Orchestra of Chicago), $50,000
To Donate the Community Engagement Initiative, an access project of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago that includes national radio broadcasts. The young musicians in this pre-professional orchestra will participate in the MusiCorps residency program and the South Shore Civic Residency during 2000-01.

Saint Louis Symphony Orchestra (Consortium), $75,000
To Donate Concert Residencies, a consortium project with the Regional Arts Commission of Greater St. Louis. During the year 2000, the Saint Louis Symphony will perform free, full-orchestra concerts and provide educational activities for children and adults in underserved communities at 15 locations in Missouri and Illinois.

Amarillo Symphony, $7,500
To Donate Music Makes a Difference!, Amarillo Symphony's chamber music residencies in elementary schools. This outreach project will expose students and their families to chamber music and develop basic music-listening skills during 2000-02.

Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, $7,500
To Donate Music in Our Town, an outreach project for the city of North Little Rock. The Arkansas Symphony Orchestra will perform three concerts in the local high school auditorium for this community during 2000-01.

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, $50,000
To Donate Building Bridges to the Community, an educational and community partnership initiative. The goal of this 2000-01 initiative is to develop the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra as a more integral part of community life by focusing on three core areas: education activities, community partnerships, and outreach.

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, $40,000
To Donate a community outreach project of the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. During 2000-01, the Orchestra, with joint community planning, will perform concerts targeted at underserved populations in Baltimore and throughout Maryland.

Delaware Symphony Orchestra, $5,000
To Donate the Delaware Symphony's educational outreach project. During 2000-01, the Symphony will conduct in-school ensemble performances and present youth and family concerts throughout the state of Delaware.

Grand Rapids Symphony, $30,000
To Donate the Grand Rapids Symphony's Tour 2000. During the fall season, the Symphony will perform in the Upper Peninsula and northern Lower Peninsula of Michigan.

Houston Symphony, $30,000
To Donate Music Matters: Community Connections, an outreach project for underserved communities. During 2000-01, the Houston Symphony's musicians will perform at various sites, including nursing homes, community centers, hospitals, and schools.

Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra, $20,000
To Donate the Neighborhood Harmony Project, an outreach project with community centers in Indianapolis. During 2000-01, the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra will provide music performances and educational programs for children in low-income families.

Jacksonville Symphony Orchestra, $10,000
To Donate 4 By 4 Art Attack, an outreach project in four Florida counties. The Jacksonville Symphony will provide performances and educational programs for residents of Baker, Bradford, Nassau, and Putnam Counties during 2000-01.

Nashville Chamber Orchestra, $15,000
To Donate the Community Partnership Program, a performance and education outreach project of the Nashville Chamber Orchestra. During 2000-02, the Orchestra will develop long-term, community partners for sustainable programming in rural Tennessee.

New Jersey Symphony Orchestra, $25,000
To Donate Project REACH, a statewide music outreach program. During 2000-01, the New Jersey Symphony will conduct a statewide tour throughout New Jersey.

New Mexico Symphony Orchestra, $21,000
To Donate a statewide tour and an educational enrichment project. The New Mexico Symphony Orchestra will tour to underserved communities throughout the state and conduct educational activities in schools, including full-orchestra youth concerts, during 2000-01.

Queens Symphony Orchestra, $20,000
To Donate an audience development campaign, presenting the Queens Symphony Orchestra's subscription concerts throughout the borough. This decentralization plan during 2000-01 will mirror the enclaves of Queens--one of the most ethnically diverse counties in the nation.

Rhode Island Philharmonic (Consortium), $5,000
To Donate Music After Hours, a consortium project with the Music School. During the 2000-02 seasons, the Rhode Island Philharmonic and the Music School will provide after-school music education programs to children in grades three to five, particularly youths at risk, and senior adults in four underserved cities of Rhode Island.

Roanoke Symphony Orchestra, $5,000
To Donate the ENCORE project, a tour by the Roanoke Symphony to underserved rural regions in the state of Virginia. During 2000-01, the outreach effort will offer communities full-orchestra concerts, with soloists or musical groups from the host area, and pre-concert, interactive discussions with the audience.

Seattle Symphony Orchestra (Consortium), $60,000
To Donate a regional tour consortium project with Central Washington University, Prosser Economic Development Association, Walla Walla Symphony, and Washington State University. During the year 2000, the Seattle Symphony Orchestra will perform outreach concerts in four cities of eastern Washington.

Vermont Symphony Orchestra, $13,000
To Donate the Made in Vermont Music Festival Tour, a project of educational activities and community concerts. During the year 2000, the Vermont Symphony Orchestra will tour to ten underserved rural communities in Vermont.

Washington Bach Consort, $7,500
To Donate the Giving Bach to Our Community initiative, an educational outreach program of free, accessible concerts, formatted for new audiences. During 2000-01, the Washington Bach Consort will present noontime and rush hour concerts, pre-concert lectures, and an elementary education program in the District of Columbia's area schools.

West Virginia Symphony Orchestra, Inc., $10,000
To Donate the West Virginia Symphony Orchestra's touring project to underserved rural communities throughout the state. During 2000-01, the Symphony will reach audiences in ten communities on fall and spring tours.


Levine School of Music, $10,000
To Donate music education programs for underserved communities in the metropolitan Washington area. During 2000-01, the Levine School of Music will provide public access to music education in southeast DC, in Arlington, Virginia, and at public housing sites.

Meet The Composer, Inc., $100,000
To Donate Residency Works, a national audience development project for new American music. More than 1,000 composers will be participating in this 2000-01 community-engagement endeavor, cultivating relationships between composers and communities.