FY02 Challenge America Arts Access

Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, $60,000
To support an educational and community partnership initiative. The components of the initiative include a four-day music institute for talented young musicians and a statewide tour to rural communities.

Minnesota Orchestra (consortium), $75,000
To support a statewide tour of concerts and educational activities. In addition to concerts, the seven-day tour in April 2003 to five cities in Minnesota will include community and school-based workshops. Consortium member is the Perpich Center for Arts Education.

The Nashville Symphony, $25,000
To support outreach concerts to rural areas of middle Tennessee and southern Kentucky. The Nashville Symphony, in partnership with local community organizations, will tour to diverse and underserved communities.

Omaha Symphony, $25,000
To support a statewide tour targeting rural populations. The tour to more than 13 communities will also include educational activities for preschool through high school students at five of the locations.

Related Grants 

Meet The Composer, $100,000
To support the Composer Connections Initiative designed to increase the impact contemporary music has on listeners. The components of the initiative, the Meet the Composer Fund and New Residencies, embrace complementary approaches to cultivating relationships between composers and communities.

Meet The Composer, $70,000
To support Residency Works, a national audience development project to further public appreciation for new American music. More than 1,000 composers will be participating in this community engagement endeavor, cultivating relationships between composers and communities across the country.