Podcast 1:

mp3 What’s my first step? (mp3)

This five minute podcast presents a six step process for getting you engaged in a dynamic structured conversation between you and your community. (Read the script)

Podcast 2: 

mp3 Who has time? (mp3)

This eight minute podcast answers the question – who has the time to do civic engagement work and what is in it for us?  You’ll hear the story of an executive director who wants to use the League’s tool in the simplest manner – with just one other person over a cup of coffee.  And what’s in it for the orchestra? Listen and find out!  (Read the script)

Podcast 3: 

mp3 Who do I need in the room? (mp3)

This ten minute podcast will give you some concrete strategies to go about changing your relationship to your community.  If you’d like to do this work, but you’re not sure how to go about organizing it, the approach in this podcast might be for you.  You’ll hear the story of an executive director who embarks on a targeted approach to engage local politicians.  What’s in it for the orchestra?  You’ll hear how the group process suggested by the League’s tool brings clarity and understanding to a tough situation, leading to a new partnership between a city and its orchestra. (Read the script)

Podcast 4: 

mp3 Soup to nuts (mp3)

This ten minute podcast is for those who want to involve their whole organization in civic engagement.  If you want assistance in structuring the League’s tool for a holistic, organization-wide group-think, a real soup to nuts approach, this podcast can help.  You’ll hear a story of an orchestra that explores its relationship to civic engagement.  Members of the board, the staff, musicians, and community representatives all take part in a two-day retreat. (Read the script)

Podcast 5: 

mp3 Frequently asked questions (mp3)

This four minute podcast will answer some of the frequently asked questions we’ve gotten about the League’s assessment tool.  Questions such as – is this kind of work really worth doing in the middle of an economic recession?  Or, what if my orchestra has a staff of one or two?  Isn’t this really for larger budget orchestras? Or, what if I need help figuring out how to use it?  Learn the answers to these questions and our promise to help. Click here for additional FAQs. (Read the script)