Photos from Pyongyang Day #2

All Photographs by Steve Smith


Outside the East Pyongyang Grand Theater, an evidently hand-painted poster heralds the New York Philharmonic’s performance.


This colossal bronze on Mansu Hill of the late Kim Il-Song is one of many images of North Korea’s “Great Leader” seen throughout the capital city. He was the country’s president from 1972 until his death in 1994, when he was succeeded by his son, Kim Jong-Il.


Detail of sculpture featuring North Korean revolutionaries on Mansu Hill, near the statue of Kim Il-Sung.


New York Philharmonic cellist Evangeline Benedetti coaches a first-year student at Pyongyang Conservatory. The Philharmonic requested that master classes for music students be part of their activities while in North Korea.


Lobby of the East Pyongyang Grand Theater, where the Philharmonic performed on Tuesday, February 26.


Musicians of the New York Philharmonic onstage in the East Pyongyang Grand Theater.