Longwood Symphony Orchestra—Healing Art of Music

"The Longwood Symphony Orchestra has made a difference in the lives of countless individuals and, in doing so, has inspired others to follow its lead."

—Senator Edward M. Kennedy

Longwood Symphony Orchestra (LSO), established in 1982, began as the dream of a few medical students and physicians and has grown into a symphony orchestra recognized for musical quality, innovative programming, and a unique business model of community engagement. Most of the LSO’s 120 musicians are drawn from Boston’s illustrious medical community. In addition to their dedication to music, the members of the LSO share a genuine commitment to community service. In 1991, the LSO made the significant decision to use its performances to raise both funds and awareness for various medical causes through its Healing Art of Music Program. The Healing Art of Music Program is a true collaboration between the orchestra and a community organization, a collaboration that empowers the beneficiary and promotes self-sufficiency. Rather than directly donating concert proceeds to a medical charity, LSO guides the beneficiary to use the concert as a centerpiece for its own unique fundraising event. To date, LSO has collaborated with 26 beneficiaries and has helped raise over $700,000 to aid Boston’s medically underserved.

Additionally, the Longwood Symphony Orchestra received a 2007 MetLife Award for Excellence in Community Engagement for the Healing Art of Music Program.

Dr. Lisa M. Wong, president
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