Orlando Philharmonic—OVATION!

Welcoming young professionals to the orchestra family

The premise:

Aimed at young professionals in their 20s, 30s and 40s, Ovations is a volunteer group at the Orlando Philharmonic designed to cultivate a younger audience demographic and to deepen the experience through relationship building. The group focuses on audience development through social events and behind-the-scenes opportunities. Ovations members pay a $35 per year membership fee and are encouraged to assist with at least one fundraising event each year.

  • Members receive: Invitations to exclusive parties and receptions
  • Ticket discounts
  • Block seating at concerts so members can sit together
  • Ability to attend open rehearsals, and occasionally sit onstage
  • Opportunity to attend educations programs
  • Opportunities to participate in back stage and behind-the-scene activities
  • Ability to connect and network with other young professionals with similar interests

Events are key to the group’s success:

The group held a kick-off party early in the season to spur networking, community visibility, and to give attendees a “try before you buy” experience. The music director, principal pops and resident conductor, executive director, and various members of the board were all present to welcome the young crowd.

  • Other events have included: Informal lunch with music director
  • Champagne and backstage pre-concert conversation with principal pops and resident conductor
  • Onstage seating for an open rehearsal
  • Wine tasting with a discussion about Mozart, led by the music director
  • Music trivia contest with principal pops and resident conductor

Early results:

Ovations has a core membership of 38 members, all of whom are encouraged to invite friends and associates to Philharmonic concerts and events. Word of mouth and networking opportunities have made Ovations a very successful program.

For more information:
Gretchen Miller Basso at:
407-896-6700 x 223
Orlando Ovation Web Site