The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra's Neighborhood Series

Building the audience by lowering ticket prices fills the house!

The premise:

In addition to its series at the Ordway Center for the Performing Arts, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra has a long tradition of taking its show on the road, playing concerts in churches and smaller venues throughout the Twin Cities community. With declining sales for these neighborhood events, and a desire to make concerts available to more people, the SPCO decided to lower prices for the neighborhood venues.

The strategy:

The new pricing strategy is part of a larger initiative to break down barriers associated with concert attendance. Tickets once priced in a 4-scale range as high as $47 are now only $10 or $25. Tickets for children under 17 are $5.

To fill the revenue gap left by lower ticket prices, The SPCO asked renewing season-ticket holders to ”donate the difference” between their old season-ticket prices and the new.

Early results:

Results are even better than the SPCO had projected: to date, more than a 100% increase in its subscriber base in the Neighborhoods. Halls are filled to 90% capacity. The increased volume in ticket sales, along with the "donate the difference" campaign, has resulted in a 20% increase in revenue.

Focusing on families:

Tickets for kids priced at $5 have made it easier for families to attend concerts together. One of the most touching benefits has been an increase in the number of children attending concerts, instilling in them an early appreciation for classical music.

Further info:
SPCO Public Relations office: (651) 292-3239
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