Orchestra Leadership Academy Seminars

Orchestra Leadership Academy offers seminars that cover topics of interest related to orchestra boards, staff, musicians, and volunteers to enhance the institutional strength of orchestras and to improve orchestra leadership.

Orchestra Leadership Academy Seminars offered at Conference 2013

Foundations of Collective Bargaining

June 16-18, 2013

This free three-day seminar gives musicians, staff, and board members the knowledge they need for collective bargaining and effective labor relations throughout contract cycles. Attendees will gain the skills necessary for greater effectiveness in negotiation – with the goal being durable agreements that help insure healthy communication and trust among stakeholders.

Joshua Flax, Commissioner, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, Boston;  Kathleen Murray Cannon, Commissioner, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, New York


Governance Teamwork: A Seminar for Early Tenure Board Chairs and Executive Directors

June 17-18, 2013

This seminar, designed for Group 3-8 orchestras, invites board leader and executive director teams to spend time together in a carefully focused seminar setting, where we will explore how the two leaders can reinforce each other and provide consistent support to the governance process.

Cate Moye, past president, board of directors, Spokane Symphony; board member, League of American Orchestras; Lowell J. Noteboom, nonprofit governance author and facilitator; chair, League of American Orchestras; former board chair, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; Alan Valentine, president and CEO, Nashville Symphony


Nurturing and Sustaining Effective Leadership

June 17-18, 2013

This seminar addresses the challenge of sustaining effective individual leadership. It will help executive directors, board members, and other leaders enhance their own effectiveness – and the effectiveness of others. Participants will chart a personal course that will ensure greater personal resilience and satisfaction while enhancing value to their orchestras.

Ronnie Brooks, founding director, James P. Shannon Leadership Institute


Patron Growth and Advancement, 2013 Edition

June 17-18, 2013

Marketing and development functions are working more as if a single unit. Why? Because while music is our mission, the development of patrons is our primary business. This seminar is steeped in timeless fundamentals, and focuses on building audiences who donate, and donors who attend concerts.

Paul Hogle, executive vice president, Detroit Symphony Orchestra; David Snead, vice president of marketing, New York Philharmonic


Purposeful Boards, Powerful Fundraising

June 17-18, 2013

It’s never been more important for boards and staff to work together to solicit financial support. Perfect for board-staff teams, this session addresses the complementary roles board members play in their organization’s fundraising and resource development.

Chuck Loring, MBA, CFRE, senior partner, Loring, Sternberg, & Associates


Building Cross-Generational Communication Skills

Tuesday, June 18

If you are a supervisor or employee (or parent!) how do you communicate effectively with those from different age groups?  In this seminar participants will learn effective communication strategies for employee engagement, customer relationships, work/life balance, and more.  This seminar is for executive directors, board, staff, and musicians.

Jennifer Abrams, communications and educational consultant, Jennifer Abrams Consulting


Putting Programming to Work

Tuesday, June 18

The overture-concerto-symphony format – is that a thing of the past? This seminar offers new strategies for creating artistic programming that is relevant for today’s audiences and communities. You will learn how to make inspiring programs that drive sales growth, nurture local partnerships, and meet your artistic goals.

Simon Woods, executive director, Seattle Symphony


Mergers and Creative Alliances

Tuesday, June 18

This seminar examines the why, when, and how of mergers and creative alliances in order to guide your thinking about these challenging opportunities.  Participants will learn about the various types of partnership options available, as well as how to best determine if any of these options are appropriate to your mission and environment. Hear directly from two orchestra leaders about their experiences – the Dayton Performing Arts Alliance where a merger has recently been enacted, and the Utah Symphony/Utah Opera where a merger took place over a decade ago, to explore early lessons and those that reflect on the longer-term impact. We’ll also examine the benefits and challenges of restructuring as well as the phases of the strategic restructuring process.

Robert Harrington, partner, La Piana Consulting; Paul A. Helfrich, president and CEO, Dayton Performing Arts Alliance; Patricia Richards, board chair, Utah Symphony/Utah Opera


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