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Lee GrothOlson

General Manager
Bartlesville Symphony Orchestra
Bartlesville, Oklahoma
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Years in current position: Less than one
Years in the field: 30

Music Education, Elementary Education/Special Education

Additional Training:
Personnel training 
Speech and Drama
Coach training

Career Path:
Teacher: Special Education, Elementary Education, Elementary Music Education
Piano Teacher, private studio
Musician in the jungles of Papua, New Guinea 
High School Speech Coach 

What are the most surprising, interesting or challenging aspects of your day-to-day work?
Politics! City politics, orchestral politics, arts council politics, symphony board politics, volunteer organization politics, concert hall politics. Every time you do three things on your to-do list, five more show up!

What inspired you to work for an orchestra?
Love of the music (I am a member of the orchestra), love of the orchestra, and the passion to see it go places.

What would you do anything differently?
Ask for more money! I have part-time pay with full-time hours. . .

What advice would you offer to someone considering the orchestra field?
Get as much training as possible.

Any other advice?
Be prepared to marry it.