Operations PA

Elaine Braun

Director of Operations
Erie Philharmonic
Erie, Pennsylvania
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Erie Philharmonic

Years in current position: 5
Years in the field: 16

Music Education
Master’s Degree

Additional Training:
Some computer training

Career Path:
Middle School Vocal Music Teacher, Lancaster, New York
Elementary and Junior High Instrumental Teacher, Kenmore, New York
Horn and Music Education Horn Instructor, University of Western Ontario, London, Canada
Assistant, Operations/Education, Buffalo Philharmonic
Director of Operations, Maryland Symphony
Director of Operations, Erie Philharmonic
Music Director, Erie Philharmonic Chorus

What are the most surprising, interesting or challenging aspects of your day-to-day work?

The variety of tasks, from booking hotels, doing bowings, arranging chairs and stands, to remembering to take ear plugs, towels, water, etc., and screening guest-artist contracts.

What inspired you to work for an orchestra?
I thought I might be good at it.

What were your first steps toward an orchestra career?

My very first music job was conducting a Methodist children’s choir (I’m not a Methodist). However, it began a long sequence of being both a horn player, a singer, and a conductor. Everywhere I have gone, I’ve been able to combine those three areas, mixed in with my everyday work.

What advice would you offer to someone considering the orchestra field?
Someone joining the field today should find every opportunity to communicate with librarians, stagehands, lawyers, and educators to learn how the system works. I’ve created a manual for my job so that anyone coming in would have a reference guide.

Any other advice?
If you like variety and challenge, an on-the-go day-to-day lifestyle, this is the job for you —as long as you don’t need to be paid too much!