Word Pros, Inc.—Website AudioNotes

Word Pros has designed an innovation for on-line program notes to include sound clips that complement and expand the printed notes. Classical music audiences often lack knowledge of how to listen to a piece of music. They may also have difficulty getting to a concert in time for a pre-concert lecture. Posted in advance, online program notes with audio examples can deepen the understanding and enjoyment of the concert itself, overcome concerns about not understanding the music and contribute to building overall listening skills. They include links to definitions of musical terms and special features relevant to a given work. Needless to say, they can perform multiple functions as tools for marketing and education. Tailored to each individual composition, Audio Web Notes point out musical form, as well as unusual or unique features of a work and signature traits of the composer's style. They can also be adapted to the sophistication level of the audience—often by producing several versions of notes for the same program.

Elizabeth A. Kahn, Ph. D.
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