Santa Rosa Symphony—Bravo Bruno

Exchange advertising space for a pair of symphony tickets


The Santa Rosa Symphony revived a branding campaign originally titled Symphony Month. At the peak of the program, up to 300 businesses displayed posters and season calendars in their offices in exchange for a limited number of SRS tickets. The campaign, nonexistent for several years, started up under the new moniker Bravo Bruno, and heralds the arrival of new Music Director Bruno Ferrandis. Although the methods of the campaign remained similar, the newest iteration features a different goal. The campaign aims "to help make Bruno's face and name familiar, and to welcome him to their community with a big splash."

How it works:

The Santa Rosa Symphony sent out invitations to businesses, allowing them the opportunity to place concert schedules and a beautifully-designed poster in their offices in exchange for a ticket voucher for two seats to any one of the SRS Classical Series concerts. The business name will also be published in the Symphony Notes newsletter, which is mailed to more than 3,000 symphony subscribers. The business only needs to fill out a request in order to receive 100 SRS concert schedule cards and one poster. The posters worked in conjunction with the current advertising campaign, featuring a smiling picture of Bruno Ferrandis on Sonoma County Transit bus panels and hanging from light poles along well-traveled streets. Many of the businesses had participated in the similar Symphony Month campaign years ago, and were willing to help out again. New businesses were contacted because the SRS staff often frequented their place of business. Doctors' and dentists' offices usually proved the best display location for the materials. SRS spent approximately $1,000 to print 500 posters, which were 24 x 36, while the post-card size calendars were already printed as a normal part of the yearly advertising campaign. Volunteers helped with the distribution of the packets to local businesses, as the distribution element of the campaign was the most time-consuming part of the process.

Early Results:

The orchestra is quite happy with the publicity this campaign has created, with approximately 90 businesses placing the poster in visible locations. One travel agent laminated the poster and placed it on a clearly visible easel; a local department store used six of the posters as a full window display. SRS tracks the number of ticket purchases directly resulting from the campaign through a required prompting in the ticket purchase process, and is pleased to observe the Bravo Bruno campaign is a quickly rising answer to the question "why did you purchase tickets?" Currently, the campaign brings in 19 percent of the single ticket revenue budget for the season, while 25 percent of sales for the first concert were attributed to the campaign.

For further info contact:
Kara Grizzell Whittington, box office manager, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.