New York Philharmonic—Subscriber Premium Rewards Card

Discounts at local restaurants with other special offers


The season subscriber maintains an important role in the operations of any orchestra, and accordingly receives preferential treatment. For nearly fifteen years, the New York Philharmonic has used a rewards card as a simple and inexpensive method of endearing subscribers to the orchestra. Although the card is only one of many perks given to subscribers, it still holds an important place in the list of subscriber benefits.


The subscriber enjoys discounts at numerous restaurants neighboring Lincoln Center. Though most of the restaurants are priced in the upper mid-range, a few lower-priced delis or coffee bars also provide discounts. Additionally, local spas, limousine services, and the parking garage adjacent to Lincoln Center give reductions to New York Philharmonic subscribers. At most restaurants, the cardholder receives a 10 percent discount off the total bill. However, individual contracts are obtained with each participating vendor and the benefits vary slightly from place to place. In fact, the vendor has complete freedom in the type or amount of benefit offered. The contract ensures the vendors follow through with the promise of discounts.


Vendor solicitation is a simple process for the Philharmonic, thanks to the program’s longevity. There is very little cold-calling because many businesses have been members for years, making renewals a much more common occurrence than new initiates. When new vendors are approached, most are familiar with the program and willing to participate due both to the reputation of the Philharmonic and to the lucrative business opportunity. Because the Philharmonic pays nothing to the vendors, it becomes a win-win situation. Subscribers receive added benefits for belonging to the Philharmonic, while vendors receive added advertisement.

The list of participating businesses is printed on the back of a subscriber’s card, and a short description of each discount is listed in the subscriber handbook. No extra cards or forms are needed, making this a very manageable and inexpensive program.

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