Red Alert!

Wednesday, June 8, at 8:45am-10:30am

Watch the video now. Recorded at Conference 2011, June 8th:

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The warning signals have been there for years: persistent deficits, less-than-packed houses, concerned patrons and funders questioning continued support, communities in transition asking more of us than we ably deliver, and too many concerts amidst changing and shrinking demand.

Despite great sacrifices from musicians and staffs and stepped up giving from boards and volunteers, too many orchestras --not all, for sure --- but far too many, are in critical condition.  We can and must act -- first, by speaking openly and frankly about our challenges, and next by looking deeply at how we operate. Two recent studies: Getting Beyond Break Even by Susan Nelson; and the Columbus Arts Market Sustainability Analysis by Steven Wolff, provide new insights and tools that can lead not only to sustainability but to vitality.  Both authors will be on hand to present their findings and the session will be framed by an opening speech by Jesse Rosen, president and CEO of the League.

Susan Nelson, principal, TDC; Jesse Rosen, president and CEO, League of American Orchestras; Steve A. Wolff, founding principal, AMS Planning and Research

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