My Conference: Volunteers

Constituency Liaison: Samara Ungar
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Wednesday, June 16

10:00 am – 12:00 pm
Volunteer Opening Session

Welcome to Conference from the Volunteer Council
Jane Van Dyk, president, Volunteer Council

Overview of Conference
Helen Shaffer, Conference chair, Volunteer Council

Information on League Membership
Melanie Thibeault, marketing manager, League of American Orchestras; Rebecca Vierhaus, manager, member services, League of American Orchestras

Meet the Atlanta Symphony Associates
Belinda Massafra, president, Atlanta Symphony Associates; Suzy Wasserman, former president, Atlanta Symphony Associates, and advisor, Atlanta Symphony Associates Board

Play the Mingle Game and meet fellow delegates
Grace Seitz, member, Volunteer Council  

Effective Leaders – Effective Volunteer Associations panel discussion

Eva Gayle Gibbs, communications chair, and past president, Women’s Symphony League of Austin; Holly Hickman, marketing consultant, Up Tempo Marketing, LLC; Liz Troy, president 2004-2006, Atlanta Symphony Associates; Alan Valentine, president and CEO, Nashville Symphony; Melissa Woolf, past president, Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Inc.

Session sponsored by LaDonna Meinders

1:30 pm-3:30 pm

Constituency Meeting 1 & 2

Emerging Issues for Orchestras, Roundtables, and Special Presentations

Back by popular demand, 9 projects will be presented simultaneously in an “expo” type format, with each presentation given four times. Presenters share information about successful projects, with time for questions and answers from the delegates.

Roundtable Award Winners

Settings of Note            
Becky Odland
WAMSO-Minnesota Orchestra Volunteers
Minnesota Orchestra

Preview Parties            
Linda Hatchel
Waco Symphony Council
Waco Symphony Orchestra

Volunteer Season Ticket Campaign

Marena Gault
Dallas Symphony Orchestra League
Elan Circle, Innovators, and Guild
Dallas Symphony


Betsy Reeder
Waco Symphony Council
Waco Symphony Orchestra

Orchestra Relations Committee
Sherri D. Davis and Eva Gayle Gibbs
Women’s Symphony League of Austin
Austin Symphony

Baby Ears 
June Thorley, Patrick & Colleen Dowse
Friends of the Music Guild
Orchestra of Southern Utah

Leadership/Organizational Structure
Nancy Willerson
Houston Symphony League
Houston Symphony

One Orchestra, Two Campuses, Five Brands
Aaron J. Nurick
Boston Symphony Association of Volunteers
Boston Symphony

Go Bunco for Membership

Joyce Hudnall
Women’s Symphony League of Tyler
East Texas Symphony

Sandra Weingarten, member, Volunteer Council

Session sponsored by an anonymous donor, in memory of past Council presidents Sandra Apolinsky, Joanie McNeil, Flo Parker, and Jean Skinner and Council members Jeannie Hastings and Margaret Sewell

Emerging Issues for Orchestras

Jesse Rosen, president and CEO, League of American Orchestras

Roundtables – Continued

Presentation of Audrey Baird Award
The Volunteer Season Ticket Campaign, Dallas Symphony Orchestra League,
Elan Circle, Innovators and Guild
Dee Tenney, member, Volunteer Council

Thursday, June 17

10:45 am-12:45 pm

Constituency Meeting 3 & 4

Gold Book Awards of Excellence
A perennial favorite, eight outstanding projects submitted to the Gold Book Online will be presented.

Gold Book Award Winners

Celebrity Conductor Contest
Linda Hatchel
Waco Symphony Council
Waco Symphony Orchestra

It’s in the Bag
Peggy Springer
Spokane Symphony Associates
Spokane Symphony

The Painted Violin Society and Crescen-Dough Auction
Ginney McDonald, and Donna Shergy
Huntsville Symphony Orchestra Guild
Huntsville Orchestra

21st Annual Barbeque Under The Oaks
Melanie Clark, Linda Sherman,
and Peggy Sprabery
Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra Board of Directors
Gulf Coast Symphony Orchestra

O-‘ver-ture: Opening New Doors for Music- A- Luncheon
Linda Weisbruch, and Melissa Woolf
The Symphony Guild of Charlotte, Inc.
Charlotte Symphony

The Red Violin Program: Follow the Life of an Instrument as It Journeys from Student to Student
Sharon Knowles

Innovators of the Dallas Symphony Orchestra League
Dallas Symphony Orchestra

Symphony Ball 2008, The Song of America
Sue Ann Fagerberg
The Symphony League of Kansas City
The Kansas City Symphony

Kinder Konzerts on the Road
Eloise Breikjern
WAMSO Minnesota Orchestra Volunteer Association
Minnesota Orchestra
Terri McDowell, member, Volunteer Council

Session sponsored by Shirley D. McCrary

12:45 pm – 2:15 pm

Volunteers Networking Pizza Luncheon

Featured guest speaker will be Composer Jennifer Higdon, one of America’s most frequently performed composers and the recipient of many awards. Her new concerto On a Wire will be premiered by eighth blackbird at The Atlanta School of Composers Concert on Friday at Conference.

Chuck Cagle, member, Volunteer Council

Jennifer Higdon, composer

Session sponsored by Chuck Cagle and Carolyn Landsverk    

Friday, June 18


Constituency Meeting 5

Emerging Issues for Volunteers

Volunteers will bring their own issues and talk things over in small groups with others who have the same question, or perhaps some answers. Just like a jazz session, improvisation and spontaneity will be encouraged!

JoEllen Saylor, member, Volunteer Council

Session sponsored by Jane Van Dyk