My Conference: Marketing, Groups 3-8

Constituency Liaison: Melanie Thibeault
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All Marketing Meetings are sponsored by The Cooking Group

Wednesday, June 16th

Meeting 1                   



Charlie Wade, vice president of marketing and symphony pops, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Roundtable Discussion: What’s Going On?

Roundtables are the perfect opportunity to learn from one another and exchange information and ideas. What are you experiencing in today’s environment? What are the strategies that are working for you? How can this group be helpful to one another, on an ongoing basis, as we navigate our way through turbulence? 

Moderator TBD

Meeting 2


Marketing with a Customer-Centric Mindset

Overcoming the daily challenges of marketing within a small arts organization can be a lot easier if you maintain a laser-like focus on your customers.  By really knowing your customers and talking with them on an ongoing basis you can build a foundation for making fact-based decisions; develop more effective and efficient marketing strategies/communications; and build stronger, longer, and more valuable audience relationships.

We’ll discuss how to collect customer information within severe time and budget constraints, translate data into insights and action steps; and help cultivate a customer-centric mindset throughout your organization.

Kate Prescott, president, Prescott & Associates

Thursday, June 17th

Meetings 3 & 4


Social Media – Developing an Integrated Time and Cost Efficient Strategy

This specially prepared session will help colleagues determine an integrated digital business strategy and look at cost and time effective initiatives that will not break the bank. It will include ideas that are essential for you to become even more vibrant, relevant organizations in your communities.

Margo Drakos, chief operating officer,; Vince Ford, director of new media, New York Philharmonic

Session shared with Executive Directors Groups 5-8

Friday, June 18th

Meeting 5


What Orchestras Can Learn from Harley HOGs: Strategic Ideas for Building Strong Communities in the Orchestra World

Building on the Friday morning Perspective session: Really Knowing your Customers and Not Just their Pocketbooks, this deeper dive into the world of authentic relationship building looks at one of the most successful brand communities of all time – Harley-Davidson’s Harley Owners Group (HOG) to explore how orchestras could likewise  create a newer, deeper level kind of subscriber and donor “family.”  Professor Fournier, a longtime consultant with Harley-Davidson, will discuss how Harley-Davidson built a community-centric organization and following, and show how orchestras can build “pools”, “hubs”, and “webs” that connect occasional ticket buyers to attendees and the most ardent advocates and donors to build strong community around your orchestra brands.

Speaker: Susan Fournier, associate professor of marketing, Boston University; David Snead, vice president, marketing, New York Philharmonic
Facilitator: Reimer Priester, director of development, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra     

Session shared with Marketing Groups 1-2, Development Groups 1-8, and Executive Directors Groups 3-4