My Conference: Marketing, Groups 1-2

Constituency Liaison: Russell Jones
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Wednesday, June 16th

Meeting 1                   



Charlie Wade, vice president of marketing and symphony pops, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Marketing in Recession

An opportunity to share our news, successes and failures in the past year

David Snead, vice president, marketing, New York Philharmonic; Charlie Wade, vice president of marketing and symphony pops, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Meeting 2


Connection, Relevance, Resonance: Building and managing your brand forward as times, expectations, and opportunities change
A strong brand helps to attract and retain audiences and board members, bolster philanthropy and sponsorship, and help move constituents “closer” to the organization––to become advocates and supporters. But how to get there?  How to manage a brand forward as times, expectations, and opportunities change? And how to deal with an ever-widening array of communication channels, some outside your control?
This session, from three seasoned brand-builders, will give attendees a roadmap: from research, through to the evolution of a brand foundation; from the development of verbal and visual systems for brand expression, through to a plan for action and sustainability––all applicable to organizations large and small.

Theory will be paired with practice through two case studies: we’ll look at the development of the just-launched brand system for the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra––and also how the Boston Symphony Orchestra (and Tanglewood) is tuning its twelve-year-old system to stay in sync with, or slightly ahead of, the times.

Sarah Manoog, director of marketing programs, Boston Symphony Orchestra; Roger Sametz, president, Sametz Blackstone Associates; Charlie Wade, vice president of marketing and symphony pops, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra           

Thursday, June 17th 

Meeting 3


Next Audience Engagement Strategy

The Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra has engaged in an aggressive strategy to attract what it calls the next audience.  By refreshing the ISO brand, creating progressive flexible ticket packaging, developing audience-focused programming and adopting a robust new technology platform that concentrates on social commerce and awareness, we are gaining unprecedented access to the consumer marketplace and making meaningful connections with a new and diverse audience.  Our efforts have resulted in measurable ticket sales growth and success in cultivating the next audience.

In this presentation, conference attendees will learn specifically about the ISO’s Next Audience Engagement Strategy (for example, the unique relationship we have with our resident ensemble Time for Three and the impact it has had on programming, our use of social media to induce ticket sales, and the network of street level promoters that has evolved to carry the ISO message to the masses).  In addition, they will learn about our outcomes (how we are growing our subscriber base through flexible packages and increasing single ticket sales).  And finally, they will learn how we measure success and customer satisfaction through our use of the Net Promoter Score.

Mark Newman, vice president of marketing, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra

Session shared with Executive Directors 3-4       

Meeting 4


Revenue Management: Selling Tickets & Saving Lives!

What does selling symphony tickets have in common with the distribution of H1N1 vaccine…?  Revenue management principles, of course.  The basic concepts of revenue management have been creatively applied to solve many different problems. In this session, we will discuss where revenue management came from and where it's going within the performing arts and beyond. For the first time, we'll expand the conversation so that you can understand how the application of revenue management is at the core so much of what happens in business today.

Anil Malhotra, president, Analytix Consulting; Charlie Wade, vice president of marketing and symphony pops, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra;
Robert G. Cross, chairman and CEO, Revenue Analytics

Friday, June 18th

Meeting 5


What Orchestras Can Learn from Harley HOGs: Strategic Ideas for Building Strong Brand Communities in the Orchestra World

Building on the Friday morning Perspective session: Really Knowing your Customers and Not Just their Pocketbooks, this deeper dive into the world of authentic relationship building looks at one of the most successful brand communities of all time – Harley-Davidson’s Harley Owners Group (HOG) to explore how orchestras could likewise  create a newer, deeper level kind of subscriber and donor “family.”  Professor Fournier, a longtime consultant with Harley-Davidson, will discuss how Harley-Davidson built a community-centric organization and following, and show how orchestras can build “pools”, “hubs”, and “webs” that connect occasional ticket buyers to attendees and the most ardent advocates and donors to build strong community around your orchestra brands.

Speaker: Susan Fournier, associate professor of marketing, Boston University; David Snead, vice president, marketing, New York Philharmonic
Facilitator: Reimer Priester, director of development, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra 

Session shared with Marketing Groups 1-8, Development Groups 1-8, and Executive Directors Groups 3-4