My Conference: General Managers

Constituency Liaison: James Barry
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Wednesday, June 16th

Meeting 1                   


Building and Maintaining a Positive Environment for our Enterprise

In the current environment, where the financial pressures on our orchestras that have led to re-opened contracts, adjustments in services and pay, low morale, and a sense of institutional vulnerability, what are the roles and responsibilities of general managers and operations personnel in helping to maintain a positive and optimistic attitude among our multiple constituencies.

Elizabeth B. Warshawer, executive vice president, Curtis Institute of Music
Session shared with Operations

Meeting 2


Pops Programming with Embellishments

Many of us are experiencing an increased demand for pops concerts with multiple enhancements – particularly visuals, yet we struggle to find artists and packages of high quality and reasonable cost.

What are some “best options” out there, and how can we share experiences?

Erin Kacenga Ozment, artistic administrator, National Symphony Orchestra

Session shared with Operations

Thursday, June 17th

Meeting 3


Digital Rights: Recording and Broadcast Agreements
The constantly changing world of electronic media distribution and consumption is mandating that orchestral music content creators – including conductors, soloists, musicians, agents, composers, and publishers – pursue collaborative, creative, and non-traditional ways to address rights, financial modeling, and product distribution.

This session will frame different approaches to bringing the various groups together to set shared electronic media goals and strategies, and streamline processes for implementing the electronic media projects successfully.

Jonathan Brill, executive vice president, manager, artists and conductors, Opus 3
Artists; Joe Kluger, electronic media consultant; Robert Levine, principal viola, Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra; John Sparrow, vice president of orchestra initiatives and general manager, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Session shared with Artistic Administrators, Conductors, Musicians, Operations, Artist Managers, and Publishers

Meeting 4


Ten Steps to Legal Enlightenment: Understanding the Most Common Legal Mistakes

With expertise in representing and counseling clients in all areas and aspects of entertainment and the performing arts, from presenting to management, from artists to producers, Brian Taylor Goldstein will be sharing his list of the top ten most common mistakes and misunderstanding that continue to confound and confuse orchestras and ensembles. He will cover such important areas as contracts, copyrights, and visas, as well as address your specific questions and concerns in an open forum that will leave you entertained, enlightened, and empowered.

Brian Goldstein, principal, FTM Arts Law

Session shared with Operations

Friday, June 18th

Meeting 5


Partnerships Among Composers and Orchestras: Programming Strategies for Engaging Composers and New Music

Additional support for this session has been provided by the Music Publishers’ Association of the United States
Following on the heels of “The Atlanta School” perspective and organized in conjunction with League Publisher members, this session will further explore the partnerships forged between composers, conductors and orchestras through effective residencies and other initiatives designed by orchestras to engage living composers in their communities.  Panelists will explore how orchestras large and small have expanded programming and built excitement among audiences through direct contact with creators.  What do orchestras and composers want out of such partnerships and how do the right matches get made?  What factors contribute to an effective partnership and what do not?     

Joana Carneiro, music director, Berkeley Symphony Orchestra; Ed Harsh, Meet The Composer; Norman Ryan, vice president-composers & repertoire, Schott Music Corp & European American Music Dist LLC; Chad Smith, vice president of artistic planning, Los Angeles Philharmonic; Steven Stucky, composer

Session shared with Artistic Administrators, Conductors, Musicians, and Publishers