My Conference: Development, Groups 3-8

Constituency Liaison: Allison Ball
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All Development Meetings are sponsored by Artsmarketing Services, Inc

Wednesday, June 16th      

Meeting 1


New Ideas, Best Practices
Roundtable Discussions

Ann Morrison, director of development, Fairfax Symphony Orchestra; Maylian Pak, development director, Eugene Symphony Orchestra            

Meeting 2


The Big Picture: Maximizing Your Orchestra’s Fundraising Capacity           

  • Discuss fundraising drivers
  • What are the strategies that will enhance and maximize your fundraising potential?  
  • What people are critical in helping you maximize fundraising potential?  
  • How can you create a dialogue with board, staff, musicians, community about the importance of fundraising?

Jon Limbacher, vice president and chief operating officer, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Thursday, June 17th

Meeting 3


Individual Donors: Creating Owners (donor benefits, stewardship, retention, engaging patrons)

  • Why is it important to create lasting relationships with our donors?
  • How can that benefit our future fundraising potential?
  • What are some ways to make our donors more invested in the orchestra?

Judy Hellriegel, patron partnership chair, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra; Adair White, board member, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Meeting 4


Effective Fundraising Strategies: Using Volunteers to Maximize Fundraising Potential

  • What is the role of the Board in your organization’s fundraising structure?  
  • How can you actively engage your board in discussions about the importance of and process behind fundraising?
  • Board committees? Are they effective for fundraising?
  • Ways to maximize volunteer effectiveness in a small shop

Marsha S. Johnson, senior vice president, Southern Company; Karole Lloyd, vice chair & southeast area managing partner, Ernst & Young

Friday, June 18th

Meeting 5        


What Orchestras Can Learn from Harley HOGs: Strategic Ideas for Building Strong Communities in the Orchestra World

Building on the Friday morning Perspective session: Really Knowing your Customers and Not Just their Pocketbooks, this deeper dive into the world of authentic relationship building looks at one of the most successful communities of all time – Harley-Davidson’s Harley Owners Group (HOG) – to explore how orchestras could likewise create a deeper level of subscriber and donor “family.”  Professor Fournier, a longtime consultant with Harley-Davidson, will discuss how Harley-Davidson built a community-centric organization and following, and will show how orchestras can build “pools,” “hubs,” and “webs” that bring new and long-time donors together to share common interests and goals, and build strong and sustainable communities among your orchestra’s most ardent advocates.

Speaker: Susan Fournier, associate professor of marketing, Boston University; David Snead, vice president, marketing, New York Philharmonic
Facilitator: Reimer Priester, director of development, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra 

Session shared with Marketing Groups 1-8, Development Groups 1-2, and Executive Directors Groups 3-4