My Conference: Development, Groups 1-2

Constituency Liaison: Russell Jones
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Wednesday, June 16th

Meeting 1                   



Sandy Smith, interim vice president of advancement and learning, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra

Fundraising in Recession

An opportunity to share our news, successes and failures in the past year

Paul Hogle, executive vice president, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Meeting 2


Fundraising Through Technology – Pragmatic considerations; practical applications                                   

When it comes to tested and proven fundraising strategies, Orchestras lag behind some nonprofits in the exploitation of new technologies. The situation is probably worse for our Development departments. This session will seek to uncover the emerging applications of technology that can assist in raising funds and provide improved stewardship of our donors.

Vince Ford, director of new media, New York Philharmonic; Paul Hogle, executive vice president, Detroit Symphony Orchestra; Barbara Mazer Gross, development officer, Tessitura Network, Inc.

Thursday, June 17th

Meetings 3 & 4


Five Steps to Building Your Personal Leadership Brand: A Harvard Business School case study by Dave Ulrich and Norm Smallwood

You have a personal leadership brand. But do you have the right one?  The question is not trivial when it comes to asking donors to invest in us. A leadership brand conveys your identity and distinctiveness as a leader and communicates the value you offer. If you have the wrong leadership brand for the position you have or the position you are seeking, then your work will not having the impact it should.

Pre-reading to follow!

Paul Hogle, executive vice president, Detroit Symphony Orchestra; David Snead, vice president, marketing, New York Philharmonic

Friday, June 18th

Meeting 5


What Orchestras Can Learn from Harley HOGs: Strategic Ideas for Building Strong Communities in the Orchestra World

Building on the Friday morning Perspective session: Really Knowing your Customers and Not Just their Pocketbooks, this deeper dive into the world of authentic relationship building looks at one of the most successful communities of all time – Harley-Davidson’s Harley Owners Group (HOG) – to explore how orchestras could likewise create a deeper level of subscriber and donor “family.”  Professor Fournier, a longtime consultant with Harley-Davidson, will discuss how Harley-Davidson built a community-centric organization and following, and will show how orchestras can build “pools”, “hubs”, and “webs” that bring new and long-time donors together to share common interests and goals, and build strong and sustainable communities among your orchestra’s most ardent advocates.

Speaker: Susan Fournier, associate professor of marketing, Boston University; David Snead, vice president, marketing, New York Philharmonic
Facilitator: Reimer Priester, director of development, Louisiana Philharmonic Orchestra 

Session shared with Marketing Groups 1-8, Development Groups 3-8, and Executive Directors Groups 3-4