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Melody Welsh-Buchholz, executive director, Louisville Youth Orchestra, invites you to join her at the League's 2011 Conference


Constituency Liaison: Jessica Balboni

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Tuesday, June 7th


Crawl, Walk, Fly, Run: Using Social Media for Good

What are the principles for orchestras that want to use social media effectively to reach their program or communication objectives and engage with their audiences and community, and how can, and is it being used, to drive ticket sales and increased attendance?  If you are already using social media, how can you take your use to the next level?  How do you start to understand if it is making a difference and measure it?  In this interaction peer share session, author and social media expert, Beth Kanter will present principles and facilitate discussion with participants about the secrets to success.  She will also answer questions on tactics for listening, engaging, and building community with social media tools for orchestras.

Makala Johnson, associate, Mayo Clinic Center for Social Media; Beth Kanter, author of Beth's Blog, co-author of The Networked Nonprofit and CEO, Zoetica

Session shared with Marketing Managers, Groups 1 & 2

Wednesday, June 8th                           


Developing and Maintaining a Youth Orchestra’s Vision through Programming

As a youth orchestra develops a robust strategic vision and a comprehensive brand identity, programming is the most publicly visible manifestation of that vision and brand. This session explores successful models of youth orchestras that have used programming and repertoire to tell the story of who they are and what they aspire to become. A series of roundtable discussions on managerial and musical topics will follow the session.

Amir Kats, artistic director & symphony conductor, Greater Twin Cities Youth Symphonies; Manny Laureano, co-artistic director and conductor, Symphony Orchestra, Minnesota Youth Symphonies; Troy Peters, music director, Youth Orchestras of San Antonio   


Roundtable discussions

- Seating – there is not one size that fits all – but this roundtable will give you an  
  opportunity to share your thoughts and ideas about seating systems that have
  worked for you.
- Repertoire – selecting the right repertoire is critical to the success of any youth
  orchestra program. Share with your colleagues pieces you have discovered
  which meet all the educational objectives and concert performance goals.
-  “Endangered” instruments – youth orchestras can have difficulty recruiting
  students for certain instruments; the difficulty may be more severe with
  cutbacks in school programs.  Share what methods you have developed in 
  recruiting and training students on these instruments to close the “personnel
  gap” in your program

Thursday, June 9th


Understanding the New Music Education Ecology

As states continue to experience deep declines in revenue, there is a new political landscape that is not boding well for arts education.  With Congress considering NEA budget cuts and suggested elimination of the entire Arts in Education program at the U.S. Department of Education, we are clearly facing some extreme challenges at the federal, state, and local levels. What is our role as supportive partners in music education in this new day of drastically reduced arts education funding? This session will explore some critical partnership strategies with public schools, and other cultural organizations, to promote in and out of school music education, as well as some vital advocacy strategies on a national and local level.

Joanna Cortright, music and arts education consultant; Najean Lee, senior manager, Government Affairs and Education Advocacy, League of American Orchestras, (moderator); David Myers, director, School of Music, University of Minnesota; Mary Schaefle, executive director, Minnesota Music Education; Sheila Smith, executive director, Minnesota Citizens for the Arts

Moderator: Najean Lee, senior manager, government affairs & education advocacy

Session shared with EDCE


Annual Meeting

Join colleagues and meet new members at the Annual Meeting of the Youth
Orchestra  Division. YOD business to include: youth orchestra membership; surveys; presenting slate of new officers and members; recruitment; and a host of other important issues.

Moderator:  Steven Payne, executive director, Youth Orchestras of San Antonio

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