Public Relations

Constituency Liaison: Judith Kurnick
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Tuesday, June 7th


From the Trenches: Changes in Media Relations

Our panel from Minnesota Public Radio, the St. Paul Pioneer Press and the Minneapolis Star-Tribune will share guidance on working with hosts, producers, editors, and reporters in today’s environment.  
Rob Hubbard, writer/critic, St. Paul Pioneer Press; Euan Kerr, editor, Minnesota Public Radio; Graydon Royce, journalist, Minneapolis Star Tribune


Positioning Your Orchestra in the New Civic Landscape

How do we reach and influence opinion leaders in the new civic and media environment? Nate Garvis, former vice president for government affairs and senior public affairs officer at Target and the founder of Naked Civics, will discuss new approaches to community relations, exploring how you can make the most of your orchestra’s civic role – and communicate about it most effectively. 

Nate Garvis, founder, Naked Civics

Wednesday, June 8th                   


Churning Butter into Gold

Inspired by the findings of the Audience Growth Initiative (Churn Study), marketing and development directors from nine orchestras undertook a follow-up Patron Growth Initiative with Prescott & Associates to tackle the more complex issue of building sustainable support, factoring in both attendance and donations — thus helping orchestras grow total lifetime value.

Kate Prescott will present the findings and recommendations of the yearlong effort that included data mining (on a database of 545,000 concertgoers and donors), qualitative, and quantitative research. Her presentation will be followed by remarks from participating marketing and development directors on strategies they are pursuing as a result of the Initiative.

Because of the insights into patron interests and behavior as well as the potential ramifications for orchestra brands and institutional structures, this session is recommended for Board Members, Executive Directors, Marketing, Development and PR Directors as well as CFOs, artistic administrators and education directors.

Kevin Giglinto, vice president for marketing and sales, Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Judith Helf, director of individual giving, New York Philharmonic; Shana Mathur, vice president, marketing and communications, Los Angeles Philharmonic; Kate Prescott, president, Prescott & Associates

Facilitator: Jack McAuliffe, president, Engaged Audiences LLC

Shared session with Executive Directors, Groups 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6, and Marketing and Development Managers Groups 1 through 8.

Thursday, June 9th      


Investor Relations for Orchestras

Orchestras have investors too:  subscribers, donors, musicians, etc. Kristen (Kris) Wenker, vice president of investor relations for General Mills, will discuss strategy for communicating sensitive information to shareholders and how it can apply to orchestras.

Kristen (Kris) Wenker, vice president investor relations, General Mills


Wins & Losses

A chance to hear and discuss some important recent communications projects and situations presented by your PR colleagues.   

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