Executive Directors, Groups 3-4

Ryan Fleur, president and CEO, Memphis Symphony Orchestra, invites you to join him at the League's 2011 Conference 


Constituency Liaison: Russell Jones
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The League is extremely grateful to Arup for agreeing to be the inaugural sponsor of the Executive Director meeting track at Conference.

Tuesday, June 7th


Collective Bargaining in the Current Environment

In this session, you will learn about some important approaches to collective bargaining in the current environment as well as some of the services available through the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service. 

George Cohen, CEO, Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service
Shared session with Executive Directors, Groups 5 and 6

Visioning for the Future

Given our current circumstances, it’s easy to get locked into the short term tactical work that allows us to move through today’s exigent pressures. But, it’s also our mandate to look at the longer-term sustainability of our institutions. What will our orchestras look like in 10, 20, 50 years? What is required of us, as institutional leaders today, to ensure the future health of our orchestras?

Bruce Coppock, former president, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; arts consultant   

Wednesday, June 8th



Join us for breakfast and a sneak peek of the exciting new symphony show Cirque Musica. Blending the thrills of today’s greatest circus performers with stunning orchestral arrangements, Cirque Musica is a high quality performance sure to please patrons young and old.

Sponsored by Cirque Musica, The Cooking Group and The Agency Group.  


Churning Butter into Gold

Inspired by the findings of the Audience Growth Initiative (Churn study), marketing and development directors from nine orchestras undertook a follow-up Patron Growth Initiative with Prescott & Associates to tackle the more complex issue of building sustainable support, factoring in both attendance and donations — thus helping orchestras grow total lifetime value.

Kate Prescott will present the findings and recommendations of the yearlong effort that included data mining (on a database of 545,000 concertgoers and donors), qualitative, and quantitative research.  Her presentation will be followed by remarks from participating marketing and development directors on strategies they are pursuing as a result of the Initiative.
Kevin Giglinto, vice president for marketing and sales, Chicago Symphony Orchestra; Judith Helf, director of individual giving, New York Philharmonic; Shana Mathur, vice president, marketing and communications, Los Angeles Philharmonic; Kate Prescott, president, Prescott & Associates

Facilitator: Jack McAuliffe, president, Engaged Audiences LLC

Shared session with Executive Directors, Groups 2, 5 and 6, and Marketing and Development Managers Groups 1 and 2  

12:50pm – 1:50pm

Sponsored lunch with Eugene Carr, CEO Patron Technology
Minneapolis Grand Ballroom E 

Thursday, June 9th


Roundtable discussions/How Are We All Doing?

Ryan Fleur, president & CEO, Memphis Symphony Orchestra; Glenn Roberts, executive director, Evansville Symphony

Learning from Arup
- Digital rights issues
- Content delivery to personal electronic devices

Raj Patel, principal and leader, Americas Region, at Arup Acoustics

Further session details to follow


Other business and conclusions



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