Board Members

Cate Moye, past president, board of Spokane Symphony invites you to join her at the League's 2011 Conference


Constituency Liaison: Jessica Balboni

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Tuesday, June 7th


Welcome from Lowell Noteboom and Jesse Rosen

What’s on the minds of trustees? What do you hope to gain from Conference? What is the League of American Orchestras?               
Lowell Noteboom, board chair, League of American Orchestras and former board chair The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; Jesse Rosen, president and CEO, League of American Orchestras


Two Approaches to Governance
The Minnesota Orchestra and The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra are both very successful institutions, offering strong programs to their communities in differentiated ways. Both are characterized by high-functioning boards, and, like their orchestras overall, their approaches to governance are distinct from one another. They exemplify two very different approaches to governance, and both styles are represented throughout our industry. This session will offer two views of governance, exploring what works about each, and what challenges and opportunities are embedded in each approach.

Michael Henson, president & CEO, Minnesota Orchestra; Jon Campbell, chair elect, Minnesota Orchestra; Sarah Lutman, president & managing director, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; Dobson West, board chair, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra

Moderator: Sally Sterling, consultant, Spencer Stuart

Wednesday, June 8th   


Developing a Vision for the Future

Under current circumstances, it’s easy to get locked into the shorter term tactical work that allows us to move through today’s realities for orchestras. But, isn’t it also our urgent obligation to look to the longer-term sustainability of our institutions? What might our orchestras look like in 10, 20, 50 years? What is required of us, as institutional leaders today, to ensure the health of our orchestras for the future?

Bruce Coppock, former president, The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; arts consultant


Roundtables during Lunch

Informal peer-to-peer discussions among board members. Discuss what you want to and learn more about one another.

Cate Moye, past president, board of directors, Spokane Symphony; board member, League of American Orchestras   

Thursday, June 9th


Critical Issues for Orchestras – from a Governance Perspective

What are the critical issues facing orchestras in today’s challenging environment? What are the issues for our sector overall and how do they impact your orchestra? What keeps you, as a board member, up at night? 
Lowell Noteboom, board chair, League of American Orchestras and former board chair The Saint Paul Chamber Orchestra; Jesse Rosen, president and CEO, League of American Orchestras; Aaron Dworkin, founder and president, Sphinx Organization


Making the Case for Public Value

Many states are experiencing steep declines in tax revenues and a large number of them are considering eliminating various tax exemptions for nonprofit groups.  This session will explore this new political landscape and what today’s public values mean for orchestras. How highly do you think people rank your orchestra as relevant and a vital part of your community?  What can trustees do to better ensure the health and sustainability of their orchestras?

Jonathan Katz, CEO, National Assembly of States Arts Agencies

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