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Silk Road Caravan Sets Camp
by Wynne Delacoma
The long-running adventure in East-West cultural exchange reaches its zenith this spring in Chicago.

The Standard-Bearer
by Kyle MacMillan
Where might the next Yo-Yo Ma be? Why the classical world still needs its international ambassadors of culture.


How Brilliant
By Rebecca Winzenried
Crystal-clear acoustics are a calling card of new halls, reflecting contemporary life and audience expectations.

Life in the Balance
by Heidi Waleson
A generational shift is underway at orchestras. Make way for the Gen X and Y management team and its new approach to business-as-usual.


by Rebecca Winzenried

Green Room
Interview by Jayson Greene
With Tom Cabaniss

By Chester Lane
Behind the scenes in Dayton

by Christopher Millard and Maurizio Ortolani
A podcast diary

by Kyle Gann
Ingram Marshall,
fully orchestrated


The Score
At the League
What's Ahead for Conference '07?
Advertiser Index
The League Annual Fund

About the Cover

Silk Road Chicago is a kaleidoscopic swirl of performances, exhibits, and activities. See page 22 for more on the city-wide celebration.

Photo Credits
Middle East Ensemble (top) and detail from Passport Launch ensemble concert: Silk Road Chicago. Opening day on Art Institute of Chicago front steps photos and detail from Women’s Work in Sericulture No. 9: Art Institute of Chicago.

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