NPAC update (6/09)


June 14 marked the one year anniversary of the National Performing Arts Convention in Denver, 2008.We’ve attached a report on the considerable progress made since the convention on the recommendations generated in 2008.

Here are some highlights:

  • At the convention, three priority areas were identified for NPAC action: advocacy, arts education, and diversity. NPAC organizers added two other priorities that were featured in NPAC discussions: artists and technology.
  • After the convention, task forces were formed of diverse groups of artists and arts practitioners from across the country, for each priority area. Each task force reviewed NPAC findings, articulated a vision for each priority, and crafted short and long term actions to achieve the NPAC goals on the personal, organizational, local and national levels.
  • NPAC is at work on creating a user-friendly, inter-active web-based resource center to include information, links, research, best practices, lessons learned, distance learning and networking options for all the performing arts in each priority area. 
  • NPAC is at work creating multi-disciplinary meeting opportunities, both physical and virtual.
  • Each task force created a range of specific recommended strategies and actions, to be detailed in reports NPAC will complete this summer.

Elizabeth Long Lingo and Andrew Taylor, with Carolyn Lee created a report on the Convention titled “Assessing the Field’s Capacity for Collective Action.” In it, they analyze the performing arts community through a framework that includes community building, capacity building and opportunity structure (ability to identify key leverage points and translate them into strategies for action.)  This report will be a useful guide as we continue our work together.

In the fall you will hear from us again about the online resource center, future meeting plans and other specific action steps. In the meantime, we invite your feedback, suggestions and conversation at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Teresa Eyring                                 Vicky Abrash
NPAC Follow-Up Chair                    NPAC Task Force Director