Orchestra Financial Index

For more than 50 years, the League’s Orchestra Statistical Report has been the orchestra standard, used by League member orchestras to compare their financial well-being to similar budget size orchestras, using data collected after fiscal year has ended and audited financial statements have been completed. The Orchestra Financial Index (OFI) now benchmarks six key financial metrics quarterly, using data from sixteen League members whose financial state has consistently mirrored that of the seventy-five largest budget size orchestras in the US.

So, when your board members ask, “How are we doing?  Or, how do our numbers compare with other orchestras?” you can now point them in the direction of the OFI.  Read more about the OFI in the information below, and apply your orchestra’s data to the OFI tool to get the most current picture of your orchestra’s financial health.

The OFI data is available only to League member orchestras. However, the League’s PR Department may use it for media purposes when asked - as we are frequently - for the latest trends in the orchestra industry. While we encourage you to share the Index internally, we would advise against distributing it externally without a very clear statement of how your orchestra’s financial position may vary from the Index findings. Results that differ from those of the Index should not be interpreted as better or worse, but as a possible prompt toward more analysis of your unique conditions.

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