OSR: Orchestra Statistical Report

The Orchestra Statistical Report (OSR) is the largest and most comprehensive orchestra data set in the United States. Since 1950, the League has collected data for this report from orchestras of all sizes. Only League members have the opportunity to contribute to – and use this unique resource.

Orchestras that provide financial and operational data for this annual survey receive a detailed report, including comparative data from orchestras of a similar size and in ranges above and below their budget size. This report provides a unique, reliable resource for strategic and business planning, and is an essential benchmarking tool. 

OSR participants also can also request customized reports for their particular needs. Here are just some examples of the answers to queries that we provide:

  • Performance revenues
  • Per service rates for rehearsals and concerts
  • Number of non-classical vs. classical concerts offered
  • Musician demographic information
  • Audiences as a percentage of full capacity
  • Annual fund activity
  • Artistic expenses, concert production expenses, and rental fees
  • Endowment draws
  • Contributed revenue
  • Administrative costs
  • Government support – state, federal, and local

The League uses the information in the OSR to perform in-depth analyses and benchmarking studies.  This work allows us to advocate on orchestras' behalf, providing accurate data to funders, the media, elected leaders, and others whose support we seek and need.

If have any questions about the OSR – or would like to participate – please contact David Bojanowski at 646 822 4071 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .