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Culture Track 2011
Design Thinking: The Art of Being Customer Focused
Engaging College Students in Classical Music
Findings from the New World Symphony

Culture Track 2011

LaPlaca Cohen's fifth installment of an ongoing national research study of the attitudes and behaviors of cultural audiences, examining trends in attendance at visual and performing arts events and the motivators and barriers that affect participation. With rapidly growing online communities, many institutions have struggled to realize or fully understand the potential of this shift in audience development. Culture Track 2011 addresses this concern head-on with informative and actionable research from which arts professionals can make informed decisions.

With several years of data now available, we examine year-to-year trends and also look into emerging areas of interest such as use of new media as information sources and entertainment. Culture Track 2011 was conducted with research partner, AMS Planning & Research, and incorporates findings from Culture Track 2007 and Making Culture Count, as the study was previously known when it was conducted between 2003 and 2005. View a video of the presentation.

Design Thinking: The Art of Being Customer-Focused

Taking a cue from businesses like Continuum and IDEO, organizations of all kinds are prioritizing customer satisfaction as a necessity to insure future viability. Orchestras have lots to learn around this practice, including developing quick, inexpensive experiments that let them prototype new experiences that increase customer loyalty. Come prepared to roll up your sleeves, use a different side of your brain, and try something new.

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Dan Buchner, director, Innovation, The Center for Creative Leadership; former vice president of organizational innovation, Continuum

Engaging College Students in Classical Music

Young adults in college represent a critical segment of the future audience for classical music. The musical experiences they have during these formative years lay the groundwork for a lifetime of musical involvement. What programming and engagement strategies might orchestras use to better reach college students? Learn from new research funded by The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. This paper highlights exemplary practices in student engagement, and explores ticketing, marketing, and programming strategies that are likely to surmount the many barriers that stand between college students and a deeper relationship with classical music.

Engaging Next Generation Audiences: A Study of College Student Preferences Toward Music and the Performing Arts

Alan Brown, principal, WolfBrown Associates
Joe Clifford, audience engagement director, Hopkins Center for the Arts Dartmouth College
Hollis Headrick, principal, Arts and Cultural Strategies

Findings from the New World Symphony

For the past five years the New World Symphony (NWS) has been presenting and researching alternate performance formats and their ability to attract and engage new audiences. This past season, the initiative expanded to include research with five U.S. orchestras also presenting alternate concert formats, and research of NWS’ first time ticket buyers from prior seasons. The results of their research, marketing, and PR efforts are in the report below.

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Michael Frisco, director of marketing, New World Symphony
Craig Hall, vice president for communications, New World Symphony

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