Why a New OSR?

The new OSR survey is quicker to complete than the old OSR: it has up to a third-fewer questions than prior years', and orchestras that already submit data to the CDP will find that their OSR is already half complete!

The new interface is also much easier to use, offering participants the ability to select a preferred view format, as well as a ‘smart’ pre-population of previously provided data. And behind the scenes, automatically verified calculations will ensure a new level of data hygiene.

The range of benefits available to OSR participants has expanded, too. Participants will continue to receive the League’s detailed OSR benchmarking report, widely used by orchestras to inform strategy, planning and management. In addition, they will gain access to a top-tier suite of educational, analytic, and other business intelligence resources provided by DataArts.

The collaboration between the League and DataArts is especially significant because it connects the orchestra field with the largest and fastest-growing arts and culture data set in the United States. Through the collaboration, the League has the opportunity not only to extend participation in the OSR, but also to undertake new forms of comparative analysis for the benefit of the orchestra field.