Symphony vs. Shelter: Getting Beyond False Choices

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Wednesday, June 19, 2013 11:15 am 12:30 pm

How do you prove that your orchestra is essential to your community, especially where you may be competing for support with social and human services? Telling the right story can help debunk false choices and the old image that orchestras are just for the “tuxedo and limousine” set. Discover how orchestras are communicating that they are accessible, artistically relevant, and woven into the fabric of their communities. Bring home tools to help your orchestra be more effective in telling its public value story.

Anita Barker, vice president & director of education, International Institute of St. Louis;  Pam Blaine, vice president of education & community engagement;  Karen Gahl-Mills, executive director, Cuyahaga Arts & Culture;  Hollis Headrick, principal, Arts and Cultural Strategies;  Judith Kurnick, vice president for strategic communications, League of American Orchestras;  Heather Noonan, vice president for advocacy, League of American Orchestras