Check This Out! Part Two

Session Date Start Time End Time Attachments
Wednesday, June 19, 2013 11:15 am 12:30 pm

There are so many exciting things happening in the orchestra world, it takes two sessions to bring it all to you! Orchestras from everywhere will be sharing what’s new and exciting in their worlds. Whether it’s audience development, community and education, artistic initiatives, or something completely different, there is something for everyone at this fast-paced session. Here is a list of people who will present their pioneering ideas at this session:

David Dredla, artistic administrator, Toronto Symphony Orchestra
Warren Hyer, executive director, The Central Ohio Symphony
Tod Machover, Muriel R. Cooper Professor of Music & Media, MIT Media Lab (Bio)
Timothy McFadden, orchestra manager, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
Ronald E. Predl, executive director, Tulsa Symphony Orchestra
Rick Robinson, former Detroit Symphony Orchestra bassist and Mr. CutTime
Susan White, executive director, Amarillo Symphony
Scott Winters, artistic director, Pulse Productions and music director, Minnetonka Civic Orchestra