Conference Update: April 8th

money.pngConstituent Meeting info now available. Register before April 17th to guarantee 2008 rates!

Constituency Meeting Information Now Available!

Constituency Meeting information is now available on the Conference website. To find out what your constituency has planned, click on the My Conference drop down menu in the right margin. Choose your constituency to see your complete Conference schedule.

Please note we are updating Conference details daily, so be sure to check the website regularly for up to the minute information on Sessions, Plenaries, and Toolboxes. 


Why Conference? Darlene Dreyer, Executive Director, Paducah Symphony Orchestra 

"Conference is a priority in our organization. The League provides such great resources to take back home so that we can address problems, strategize, cut back expenses or grow revenue - those things are invaluable, especially in times like these." (Watch video!)


Additional Conference Funds

Looking for additional funds to get to Conference? Click here for information about state arts agency funding and a grant proposal template to get you started in the process.


Why Conference? Simon Crookall, President and CEO, Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra 


"I'll be with our colleagues and our friends, sharing the issues, facing challenges together, and looking forward to the opportunities that lie ahead. Chicago's a great city and I look forward to seeing you there." (Watch video!)


Don't Forget! 

First Timer Rate $400… Second Timer Discount $60… Day Rate just $225.

To register, click here.


Why Conference? Ari Solotoff, Executive Director of the Portland Symphony Orchestra 

"One of the most difficult aspects that we face right now is making tough choices and as we think about those choices the best thing that we can do is come together and learn from each other."
(Watch video!)