Volunteer Council Directory


Margarita L. Contreni
Lafayette, IN
Lafayette Symphony Orchestra, Group 7
Linda Weisbruch
Charlotte NC
Charlotte Symphony, Group 2
Immediate Past President
Laura Hyde
Tyler, TX
East Texas Symphony, Group 6
Volunteer Council Members
Tiffany Ammerman
Marshall, TX
Marshall Symphony, Group 8
Elaine Cousins
Bloomington, IL
Illinois Symphony Orchestra, Group 5
Nancy Greenbach
Atherton, CA
San Francisco Symphony, Group 1
Iris Harvie
Hudson, OH
Cleveland Orchestra, Group 1
Debbie McKinney
Oklahoma City, OK
Oklahoma City Philharmonic, Group 3
Becky Odland 
Edina, MN
Minnesota Orchestra, Group 1
Tresa A. Radermacher
Dyer, IN
Northwest Indiana Symphony Orchestra, Group 5
Jane B. Schwartz
Augusta, GA
Symphony Orchestra Augusta, Group 5
Linda Stevens
Seattle, WA
Seattle Symphony, Group 1
Terry White
Amarillo, TX
Amarillo Symphony, Group 5
Camille Williams
Little Rock, AR
Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, Group 3
Ex-Officio Members
Patricia A. Richards 
League Board Chair
Salt Lake City, UT
Jesse Rosen
President and CEO
League of American Orchestras
C. Michel “Mike” Minor
AMSOV President
Kansas City Symphony, Group 2
Laura Street
Sustainer Liaison
Amarillo, TX
Amarillo Symphony, Group 5
Marylou Turner
Mentoring Program
Kansas City, MO
Kansas City Symphony, Group 2
Samara Ungar
Staff Liaison
Meetings & Logistics Manager
League of American Orchestras