FY14 NEA Grants to Orchestras

December 13, 2013, Washington, D.C. – More than 60 orchestras will serve their communities and regions beyond in innovative ways with support from the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA). The NEA’s Art Works grants to orchestras encourage and increase access to music in communities throughout the country. In addition to providing direct funding, NEA awards, which require a minimum one-to-one match of federal funds, stimulate on average a return of at least seven dollars to one from other state, local, and private sources.

The NEA’s first round of FY14 Art Works grants includes 46 awards totaling $1,450,000 directly to orchestras, as well as numerous grants supporting related efforts. These projects include new commissions, premieres, residencies, instrument training programs for young  musicians, pre-concert lectures, workshops, and collaborations with cultural organizations, social service organizations, and schools. Several grants will aid in the production of programs that juxtapose traditional and contemporary works, mix artistic genres, and draw inspiration from various cultural experiences.

The NEA also awarded $190,000 in FY14 Challenge America Fast-Track grants to 19 orchestras, which will strengthen their work in bringing music, educational programming, and lecture-demonstrations to underserved youth and adults. Supported projects include concerts and programming for students and adults with disabilities, senior citizens, geographically isolated communities.

Future FY14 grants will be announced for Art Works (Part Two) in 2014. Deadlines and guidelines for FY15 grant applications will be available in January.

Below is a list of grants to orchestras and for programs related to the orchestra field. Complete lists of grant amounts and project descriptions for awards in all disciplines and categories may be found on the NEA website, arts.gov